Special Field: Lipoplasty

Dear Patient,

Fat is a natural component in the body. If your body has a disproportionate amount of fat, or you have small fat deposits which stubbornly refuse to disappear despite sporting activity, or if you just do not feel comfortable with your body, I can help you. On the following pages, I will show you the many options which are open to you. Fatty tissue can be suctioned off by means of liposuction. In very extreme cases however, for example lipoedema, liposuction may result in loss of elasticity in the skin and thus a large amount of excess skin and underlying tissue.

Extreme loss of weight, old age or pregnancy can also result in surplus skin and fat, mainly in the lower abdomen (fat apron), the breasts, the inner sides of the upper arms and thighs and the buttocks. In such cases, liposuction alone does not always produce the desired outcome, as the skin does not sufficiently return to its original state. To remedy this situation, a lifting operation can be performed. Incisions are usually made in the region normally hidden underneath underwear (bikini line incision) or on the inner sides of the upper arms and thighs so that the scars are not noticeable.

In many patients, fat deposits are located in so-called “problem zones”. Despite sport and dieting, these pads of fat just do not disappear. On the other hand, the buttocks are too flat or the breasts too small. If the fat is suctioned off, it can be used during the same operation for a breast or buttock augmentation (lipofilling). This method is a good alternative to silicone implants.

With my many years of clinical experience in this field and my work as a specialist physician, my priority lies in holistic therapy for patients. The same operation or method is not suitable for all patients. Individual concepts tailored to the needs of each patient are the key to achieving the patient’s wishes.
I will be pleased to advise you and will take as much time as necessary to discuss your worries and wishes.

Dr. Mario Brandenstein